Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach an EBA board member?2016-12-06T06:15:35-05:00

Board members are available through email only. The address is ebatreasurer@gmail.com.

What day is garbage collected?2016-12-06T06:37:36-05:00

Garbage is picked up on Tuesdays. You can put your trash can out after 4pm on Monday night. Remember to bring it back in after it is empty. Empty trash receptacles left in front of homes can pose a security threat, making it appear that no one is home, or the house is vacant.

What is the speed limit on East Beach?2016-12-06T06:37:42-05:00

The speed limit is 25mph. We have many people walking dogs, pushing strollers, jogging, riding bicycles or just looking at our beautiful marsh. Please drive within the limit for the safety of everyone.

Can I drive my golf cart anywhere in St. Simons? On the beach? Over the dunes?2018-01-29T16:44:01-05:00

A person must have a driver’s license to drive a golf cart.  Children are not allowed to drive golf carts. When driving a golf cart on St. Simons, if there are a number of cars behind you, please pull off to the side and let them pass. Golf carts are not allowed on any beaches or dunes. They can be driven on roads only.

What are East Beach emergency numbers?2016-12-06T06:37:55-05:00

Glynn County Police Non-Emergency (912) 554-3645

Glynn County Police Headquarters  (912) 554-7800

Glynn County Police – St. Simons Precinct (912)554-7560

Fire & Rescue Emergency 911

Glynn County Sheriff (912) 554-7600

Water & Sewer (912) 554-7111

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