Join Us!

East Beach has a very active volunteer homeowners association made up of both full and part-time residents of our wonderful neighborhood. From organized “beach sweeps” to keep our neighborhood, marsh, and beachfront clean to our annual July 4th parade, we welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you out and about!  If you’d like general information about our association, or for association membership inquiries, please click on the below button.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The East Beach Association Facebook group is a great resource for instant information, updates, and social engagement with your neighbors. We encourage and invite our neighborhood residents, both part-time and full-time, to join. Our Facebook group is a “closed” group, so permission is required to join. You can request to join through your Facebook page, or email us with your property address on East Beach, your individual or family Facebook page name, and whether you are a permanent or part-time resident, and we will email you back with your “join” request status. Looking forward to seeing you on FaceBook!